10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys Fight Team Member Michael “Lazer” Reyes

Coach Alder and Coach Gabe with Reyes after the fight at Spar Star
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10th Planet Van Nuys Fight Team Member, setting up and arm bar

It is engraved in our DNA to keep on migrating in order for survival. We can’t help not ignore the silent screams of the open road. We feed off the wonder of exploring unknown territory and forbidden seas. Some try to ignore that craving feeling staying in their comfort zone safety net only to realize it has turned into a web, preventing them from new experiences. Others jump through the hoop or fire, with only their mind and body to guide them through the way. Just like a car riding through fog, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see the whole road ahead of you just as long as you can see only a few feet.

The nomadic warrior, Michael ‘Lazer’ Reyes, traveled all the way from the Philippines to come train with the 10th Planet Van Nuys crew for his second U of MMA bout that took place in Club Nokia L.A. on March 8, 2015. Reyes lived out of his car and coach surfed with teammates for months while still managing to train and make weight.  On fight night Reyes looked spectacular, with a barbaric battle cry he made his way to the cage to earn him the decision and take home the win. But the savor of glory would have to wait for Reyes now need to drop 20 more pounds in three weeks for his next fight, this time for Spar Star promotion taking place in Hollywood Park Casino on March 28, 2015. Reyes was the main event and just like Déjà’ vu , Reyes earned the judge’s decision after three hard action rounds. The laser vision proved to be effective once again.

We all trained with Reyes and know how hard he worked for his fights. I had a chance to speak with him a day before his Spar Star bout as he was sitting inside a window closed vehicle, under a 90 degree weather while wearing a sauna suit, a pair of sweats and a sweater. We spoke about several subjects including traveling and the art of combat. He credits mediation to helping his performance and explained the feelings a fighter experiences as fight night approaches ‘It is like taking a final exam in school’ Reyes explained. ‘All the preparation and studying is done; now it’s time to wait for the test. It’s funny how all the challenges you face everyday are to prepare you for future ones. Traveling also forces you to escape your comfort zone and really grow as a person with new perceptions on life and about yourself. I’ve realized fighting is my passion and there’s no stopping me now.’ The 10th Planet Van Nuys crew wishes him a safe trip back home as the nomadic warrior, Laser Reyes, returns to the Philippines.

By Robert Castro


Click Below for Michael “Lazer” Reyes Win at the U Of MMA

U of MMA Michael Reyes vs. Travis Williams Win


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