10th Planet No-gi Jiu Jitsu

Learn the system everybody is buzzing about. Find out more about 10th Planet!

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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Learn how to compete in the fastest growing sport on the planet!

 Fundamentals Class

Fundamental Jiu Jitsu

No experience? No Problem, we train tomorrows black belts today!

 AYDEN Kids class

Kids No-gi Jiu Jitsu

It’s never too early to get involved. Start your kids out today!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi)

Lean how to use the traditional kimono in our BJJ class.



It’s the oldest sport on the planet! Learn how to take opponents to the ground!


Boot Camp/Strength and Conditioning

Want to shape up, gain cardio or get stronger, than this is for you.


Competition Class

Want to take your training to the next level? Join a winning team.


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  1. Raul Sciaky
    9 years ago

    I am interested in beginning my journey in MMA and BJJ. I would love to learn about membership and training costs. I have two children that I want to sign up as well. 818-304-1653

    • Jean Pascual
      8 years ago

      Hi Raul,
      I wanted to reach out and see if any of our program directors contacted you. If not we would love to speak with you. May we call you still?

      Thank you
      10th Planet Van Nuys

  2. Roger Tafoya
    8 years ago

    Hello, my son has been having trouble in school and I feel he needs to learn how to focus his energy, and learn discipline. Do you think this will help him? I was looking at other places for other forms of Martial Arts but I know Joe Rogan attends 10th Planet, that says a lot in my book. How strict are you here? What do you do to make sure that the children get the most out of the experience? I’d definitely be willing to try a free class and cost is an issue as well, what is your pricing?

    • Jean Pascual
      8 years ago

      dont worry about pricing. just come and take a free class. Come in at 10:30 am this saturday and you can experience it yourself.