10th Planet Van Nuys Has 2 Fighters at the U of MMA 8

10th Planet Van Nuys had two of it’s warriors step in side of the cage once again at the U of MMA. The U, as we refer to it, is our favorite venue to compete in. It’s one of the classiest shows around. It’s an amateur show technically, but it’s professional in every sense of the term. Thrown by former Pride FC hotshots, Jay Tan and Turi Altavilla, these guys know how to do a show right. The old Pride shows were always a spectacle in Japan, and that attention to detail has really carried over into their new shows. It’s thrown in downtown Los Angeles at Nokia live, right next to the Staple Center, where the Kings, Clipper and Lakers call home. This show was no exception, quality all the way.

Our first combatant was the international playboy, and jet setter, Michael “Lazer” Reyes. An actor and model by trade, Mike decided he wanted to test his skills out in the cage. His camp was fantastic, he spent half of it at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand. His striking was sharp coming into this fight, it was money well invested in going over seas to learn it from the source. Mike got into the cage, and it didn’t look like his first fight, he looked surprisingly comfortable for his debut. He used crisp striking to snap his opponents head back with jabs. This prompted his adversary to try to put the “Lazer” on the cage and try to nullify his advantages, but he used good takedown defense and counter wrestling to stay on his feet. More clean boxing lit up Mike’s opponents face, breaking his nose and making an absolute bloody mess of the U of MMA canvas. Another solid one two combination sent Reyes’s crumpling against the cage with nasty gas faced grimace. He smelled the blood in the water, and finished him at the 1:57 mark of the first round. An amazing TKO victory for the newcomer.

Milton Arguello would make his sophomoric trip to the U, after an amazing submission win in his first outing earlier this year. He would face Julio Santa Cruz, a fighter from the always dangerous, Systems Training Center. Unfortunatly, Milton wouldn’t have the same success he did in his first fight. Santa Cruz used solid ring generalship to control the fight against the cage, and on the ground. Milton found a bit of success off his back, going to a triangle set up, but Julio sniffed it out early and backed out. He also found some success in a few of the striking exchanges, but it wasn’t enough to the get nod from the judges. It was unlike Milton to have a performance like this once, he’s usually a killer in there, fearlessly attacking his opponents from every angle, but he even admitted it was a bit off. It would later come out, during the first round, that he had badly damaged his knee during one of the takedowns. He said he didn’t feel it when it happened, but you could tell by his performance something was definitely wrong. Not to take anything away from his opponents performace, but it probably wasn’t the fight the fans were hoping to see. Fortunately, Milton is a gamer and will be back soon and better than ever. It’s these fights that force guys to get back in the gym and get back in the cage as soon as possible. They want to erase the memories of not being able to perform at the level they know they are capable of competing at. Good luck Milton on a speedy recovery.


Michael “Lazer” Reyes gettin’ some love from the ladies after his first round TKO victory at the U of MMA.









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