Bellator Figter Marcos Bonilla “The True Definition of a Warrior”

The True Definition of a Warrior

I’ve been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts since I was a freshman in high school. Throughout the years I have watched this sport from the perspective of a fan. But these last couple months have given me my first taste of watching as a student and training partner. To watch the guys that you sweat with on the mats is both scary and awe-inspiring. You feel for that person in ways that watching behind a television screen can never do. For the fighters who rep the 10th Planet Van Nuys banner, you can’t help but feel proud to watch your brothers go out into combat. But the unfortunate aspect of MMA is that one person has to win and one person has to lose and there isn’t always a fairy tale ending. Watching our brothers step up at the U of MMA, Spar Star, Bellator; it all reminds me of the human aspects of fighting because it incorporates so much emotion. You get to know someone on a deep, physical level by throwing yourself into willing combat with them. So when you see all of that blood, sweat and furious effort put onto the mats it’s a beautiful sight to watch it all culminate into a fight that shows your teammate’sheart, skill and athleticism. And while a win may not always happen, you do get to see the courage it takes for a gym-mate to step into the cage and you get to enjoy the rollercoaster ride that that fight brings. 


Under the bright lights of one of the biggest stages for MMA in the world, 10th Planet Van Nuys got to watch our own Marcos Bonilla step into the cage and test his ability against the son of a very famous fighter. AJ McKee’s pedigree didn’t scare Marcos as the two went to war inside the Bellator cage. AJ came out flashy (who would’ve thought?) displaying more tricks than his father ever showed but Marcos stayed composed and patient as he looked to take advantage of any opening given. A quick takedown changed the course of the fight but Marcos demonstrated that 10th Planet style by staying busy, attempting toescape and attack off his back. While it is unfortunate that the fight ultimately didn’t go Marcos’ way it gave him that big show experience and many other lessons with it. A champion isn’t defined by the amount of gold wrapped around his waist, a champion is defined by how he/she reacts in the toughest of situations. And a loss doesn’t define a fighter but the attitude and effort a fighter puts into correct those tiny mistakes are what define a true warrior. This is only the beginning of a bright career for Marcos and the rest of the 10th Planet crew as we look to conquer the amateurs and professionals and take the world by storm. 


-Jeff Chan 

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