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    Q: What is your schedule? Is it online?
    A: We are open 7 days a week, and we have morning, evening and night time classes. If you are interested in finding out more, book an appointment with our program director. Take a tour, go over the schedule, try a FREE class, and meet the instructors. We will help you find a schedule that is perfect for your busy life. There’s no obligation, it’s 100% FREE! 
    Q: How much does it cost? 
    A: We have all kinds of different prices to fit all kinds of budgets. We want you to come in and see the value that you are getting. We believe we are the best gym in town. The only way to see that is to come in. You wouldn’t call a dealership and ask how much are your cars are, would you? You’d have to see them, and test drive one first. We are the same way. If we said it was $2.00, and you came down and it was disgusting, with poor instruction, and lurking with unsavory types everywhere, that wouldn’t be what you wanted, right? If you’re serious about starting training, and you’re ready to take action, book an appointment. Don’t let this be another thing you couldn’t pull the trigger on! Start reaching your training goals today. YOU HAVE LITERALLY, NOTHING TO LOSE!
    Q: Are you Gi or Nogi
    A: Both! Depends what classes
    Q: Can I show up and try a free class anytime?
    A: No, please book an appointment with our program director. We have closed classes only for advanced students, we have classes too packed to let newbies in, we have closed fighter training classes that can’t afford to be slowed down by new students. Call us and we’ll make sure you have a fun experience, and land in the right class. 
    Q: I have Martial Arts experience, can I just take the Advanced class? 
    A: No, you will slow down the instructor and the other students. Unless you have a year of straight Jiu Jitsu, not off and on, you’d be better suited in the fundamentals class. Once cleared by your coaches, and ok’d by the program director, you may move on to Advanced Class. Please don’t just show up unannounced, you will not be permitted to attend. 
    Q: Do you have belts
    A: Yes, white-blue-purple-brown-black. 

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