Crossfit vs Jiu Jitsu Who Wins?

YouTube Preview Image By no means is BJJ safe, the very core of the art is to control an unwilling opponent. Once that’s achieved, the next step is to choke, or hyper to extend their limbs. However, if you stress safety in the classroom, promote the idea of team, and practice responsible training habits, you can greatly reduce injury. It really comes down to the culture of your school and the quality of your instructors character. Some instructors allow their students to run amok, never trying put any regulations on the ways they train. That can be extremely dangerous. I understand the same thing can happen at Crossfit gyms. Now add a ton of weight on top of that. I’d like to point out the extremeness of some of the lifting exercises in Crossfit. If you’re lifting large amounts of weight, the injuries can be quite serious. I’ve seen many times people not putting a high priority on proper technique when lifting. Now compare that to BJJ where proper technique is stressed over all else. This is no way a knock at Crossfit, but most people don’t respect lifting the same way they would a sweep or submission technique. In all reality, when pushing up heavy weight, technique in lifting is probably more important than in Jiu Jitsu because of the injury factor. The consequences are high if you blotch a heavy clean and jerk versus blotching a scissor sweep. At any rate, not matter what you choose to do for exercise, make sure you pay attention to proper technique. You’ll save yourself shelf time due to injury, you’ll be able to train harder, and see better results. Technique is everything!!! Check out this video of lifting fails to remind you of this fact!

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