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There is no greater teacher than life but in this generation of iphone and gadgets, what are our children really learning? Like the saying goes, a calm see never created a skilled sailor. Now imagine a place where you can simulate problems where the individual has to come up of a clever solution, using his own body and mind. This is what 10th Planet Van Nuys provides, a learning environment that not only builds confidence and problem solving skills but also teaches the importance of living a healthy lifestyle all the while having fun , learning self defense and getting in great phenomenal shape. Children are just like tress, they grow strong and tall if the proper care and maintenance is given to them. But sometimes during the growth process the tree might deviate from its course, just like when a child starts to act out. For the tree we set a strong sturdy stick next to it so it can grow properly straight. The stick next to the tree represent discipline. Discipline that every child needs to help build their character which leads to smart healthy decisions in the future. Our goal is to build strong individuals on the mat so they can be strong off it. Your size, weight, color or height doesn’t play a factor in your success. You don’t have to necessarily be a super athlete or a textbook brainiac to master the art, jiu jitsu is for everyone. A great example of perceviance is by one of our kids class students, Ceasar. Cesar and his brother Andy are here at the gym always ready to work and learn. Ceasar has cerebral paralysis but that doesn’t stop him from stepping on the mats and having fun with a smile on his face. We don’t offer  jiu jitsu as an escape from reality but rather as a tool to use in your life for positive things. Giving your child a skill is far more valuable than giving them any materialistic object.

 By – Robert Castro

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