Mac Danzig Seminar Write Up + Photos (5/17/2014)

Mac Danzig’s seminar at 10th Planet Van Nuys on May 17th was a complete success! He was well received by all the students and coaches, and we can”t wait to have him back. If you are in need of an event for your gym, that’s rich in content, from a legit MMA superstar, than look no further than Mac Danzig! He’s been to the big shows including Gladiator Challenge, King of the Cage, Pride and the UFC. He has the experience, he’s been all over the world and fought the very best. He’s probably forgotten more in MMA than we’ll ever even know. Everybody had a blast. His curriculum was well put together, and thought out. He showed up early, came prepared, was approachable and friendly. He was patient, but kept things rolling. He was structured, passionate and not robotic. Mac was totally professional from the day we booked the seminar, all the way through until his departure. The students felt they got more than their moneys worth.

The Season 6 winner of T.U.F., showed why he was able to have a long, successful fight career in the UFC. He open the seminar up with a little fight philosophy. The information was good, you could see the passion in his delivery. His philosophies on fighting were a prefect fit for our team.  He taught a lot about setting yourself up to have the greatest chances to win. He wasn’t just showing us moves, and techniques, he was giving the guys tips on strategies. In a world where many instructors look at MMA as only striking, grappling, and submission, he ties the whole game together as one. At the end he did a Q and A and was very open about his career. We’re all looking forward to having him back again soon.

Not sure about it, still on the fence? Maybe you’re just starting out and you want to create good habits right off the bat? Perhaps you’re a wily veteran looking for the latests MMA strategies to adapt to an ever changing game? Maybe you only do Jiu Jitsu and just need a way to get to your grappling. So Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Martial Arts facility, and demand they book the “Mother” of all instructors, Danzig. When you do, your craving for technique will be satisfied! You’ll have the competition ingesting a two piece, and quenching their thirst for the quit! So have them hold the meat, and order your “Mac, tonight.”

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