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Fundamental class with coach Gabe.

When you first step into the dojo for the first time, different kinds of emotions and senses are lighting up through your body and your mind. The sweet smell of clean mats, the sound of the timer shrieking, witnessing teammates create beautiful art with their own bodies, it sends electricity up and down the body aching to train! With all these magnificent things going on it easy to get lured into wanting to train everyday, taking as many classes as possible but for someone just starting out its actually hazardous to ones performance. What ends up happening to the new student who wants to train everyday is they start to push away all the things they were involved in before joining the jiu jitsu academy. They notice that, so now the new student stops coming to the gym in order to play catch up with all those other things before jiu jitsu. Eventually the new student gets overwhelmed trying to juggle and unorganized schedule and stops training entirely. Another common problem that happens to the new student eager to train everyday is they end up getting injured. This new training regiment shocks the body to the beginner students, especially when taken in large dosages. As if you didn’t have enough in your plate by going to work, commuting, walking the dog and taking care of the kids. Training is still possible for everyone if your time is well managed. Remember, this is just like a marathon, not a sprint. So it’s important to maintain an organized training schedule where you pick two set days that you know you’ll be able to commit. If you keep up the same schedule, same two set days per week, you then start to create momentum. Momentum used to keep on training on your two set days to reach your goal. Just like a guided missile, it’s not just shooting blindly into vastness, the missile with proper instructions and coordinates will reach the objective.

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