Student of the Month: Labib Yasir

   Labib Yasir is not just a YouTube hot shot sensation in the show Teens React, he is also in every sense of the word, a martial artist. His diligent work was recognized by his coaches to become student of the month. Labib’s story is incredible and inspirational for anyone looking to leave behind the sedentary lifestyle. He’s been training martial arts since the age of 11 in the styles of Hapkido and Aikido. But in 2012, as a freshman in high school, Labib reached a turning point when he weighed 260 lbs. Since then Labib trains 6 days a week on the mats and adds strength and conditioning 4 times a week. He now weighs 160 lbs. He’s a perfect example of where hardwork and dedication can get you. Aside from martial arts Labib enjoys going out with his friends and always trying new foods, “What can I say, I’m a huge foodie guy, I just keep it in moderation now”,  says Labib. He also loves making videos on the hit show Teens React on YouTube. He will be making his MMA debut this year, his ultimate goal is to get to the UFC and make his mark. He also urges future competitors the importance of cutting weight properly and healthy to ensure maximum performance and not hurt your own body. His advice for anyone in any field is simple, “always have fun and integrity in what you’re doing because if you’re not in it for the right reasons then what’s the point of doing it.” Keep an eye out for this kid he’s going to make some noise in the MMA scene. Best of luck Labib and keep up the phenomenal work!  

Labib Yasir 260 lbs. (left) 160 lbs. (right)

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