The great Renato Laranja

Renato Laranja
renanto laranja black belt

renanto laranja black belt

  Everyone anxiously awaits all week for Friday April 17 to arrive to get away from our hectic work schedules or routines but that was not the case for 10th Planet Van Nuys this past weekend. We all made sure everything was clean and spotless for our special guest arriving on Saturday April, 18, 2015. Some of us even put our house as collateral to be able to attend the seminar. It was a great pleasure to have none other than 27 time world champion master Renato Laranja in the building. He could have been anywhere around the world he wanted to be but instead he chose to bless our gym in Van Nuys with his presence. For those who aren’t hip to the jive, master Renato Laranja is a well respected athlete and mentor in the Jiu Jitsu community. With his God like physique, it’s been even said that he can hear the flutter of a butterfly’s wing thousands of miles away, see light in the darkest cave and go months without eating just by feeding off the energy of the universe. He first cleansed our ears with some sweet melodies before getting into some technique. After two hours of blowing away our minds as a consequence of witnessing a showcase of smooth tactical transitions and positions, master Renato Laranja humbly gave us permission to photograph him. I asked him how can one achieve a legendary status in the sport like himself and he said, “Porra! To reach my level you got to train with the best, you got to train with Alder at 10th planet Van Nuys, Caralho!”
by Robert Castro

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